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JOIN US! WE RECENTLY OPENED OUR DOORS! Rainier Medical Health & Fitness offers a unique combination of internal medicine, exercise science, fitness training, and strength and conditioning within one facility. Based on Dr. Valerie Sutherland’s internal medicine, metabolic health, and fitness expertise, we partner with you to take back your health and fitness.

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Nutritional Supplements

Enhance your results with nutritional supplements to meet your nutritional and/or micronutrient needs with our high quality, prescribed plans.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Plans

Nutrition and a healthy body composition are integral to an exercise plan. Add on a personalized nutrition plan or a weight loss plan to get the most of your efforts.

Health Testing

Exercise has many benefits. Target improvements in your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, or other health parameter and monitor your body's response to your exercise plan. 


Founded by our onsite physician, our plans have your health and wellness in mind.  Interested in more in-depth care? Add on a Wellness Plan tailored for you. 

Exercise Science

Exercise smarter. We utilize VO2 testing, target heart rate training, periodic assessments and stepwise progression for your best safety and results. 

Exercise Wellness

Add on a Wellness Plan for an executive physical, treatment plan, and monitoring of your metabolic health and fitness.


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maintenance and optimization

Rainier Medical Health & Fitness provides a supportive setting so you can train to avoid regaining weight. Together, we help you set the goals to keep your weight off and reach your peak fitness, form and function. And you can actually enjoy the journey, pain-free, and live life free from limitation.

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Group Classes

Group workouts for accountability & success Learn More

Personal Training

One-on-one workout for personal motivation Learn More


equipped with degrees in exercise science