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About Dr. Sutherland

Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine, Dr. Valerie Sutherland is thrilled to be the founder and physician of both Rainier Medical Health & Fitness as well as Rainier Weight Loss and Wellness. Truly motivated by her patients seeking a healthy lifestyle free of limitations, she practices her expertise in metabolic health evaluation, body composition and fitness health within this new state-of-art facility in University Place.

Our Approach

Rainier Medical Health & Fitness offers a unique combination of internal medicine, exercise science, fitness training, and strength and conditioning by setting realistic goals with you to obtain positive results. A client has the freedom to attend classes or one-on-one personal training. The focus is to maintain and optimize your weight so you do not regain. After a personal evaluation, a plan is shaped for your improved fitness and wellness.

Our Plans

Our plans are achievable and realistic for your personal health and fitness goals. Rainier Medical Weight Loss Plan and Rainier Medical Wellness Plan provide options for clients to reach their peak form and function by having a supportive team every step of the way–physician, physician assistant, and excercise physiologist. Whether you're pregnant, off-season from a sport, or want to better your look and confidence, we develop a plan that works for you.

Over the last 3 years, I have learned a lot about weight loss. I am constantly evolving programs and services. It is striking the difference that exercise and fitness makes in a person’s life. Exercise has been thought of as a means of losing weight as a chore, or unachievable by some due to size, age, or some other limitation. For some, exercise is painful, frustrating, or without results desired. Yet an effective exercise plan can change everything from one’s mood, appetite, cravings, sleep, sex life to perceived age, and independence. We know that consistent exercise is correlated with preventing weight gain and encouraging a healthy sleep and mood. Even at a normal weight, if you are not fit, you have residual health risks. I have personally experienced how the right exercise plan can overcome changes due to injury, aging, childbirth and nursing, and keep oneself at the cognitive best for a healthy, well-balanced life.
I am proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind exercise science facility—Rainier Medical Heath & Fitness, steps away from Rainier Medical University Place Clinic. You are not here to lose weight; you are here to reach your peak fitness, function, form, and have fun. Age is just a number. Your body responds to how you treat it and what you ask from it. Your health, happiness, and well-being are vital.

I recommend you enroll either in the Rainier Medical Weight Loss Plan, the Wellness Plan (New!), or the Diabetes Management Plan (New!) and add on the Fitness Plan right for you.  We now have a plan for everyone, or just do a Fitness Plan without any Health Plan.  Throughout the day, we offer a variety of classes, including strength and conditioning, metabolic core, yoga, and more. All are welcome—including seniors, beginners, those at the start of their weight loss journey, teenage athletes, men and women approaching midlife, etc. Exercising in a group setting is superior to working out alone. We do offer personal training, too. Our experienced, compassionate staff are certified trainers, having degrees in exercise science.

So I invite you to take the step to sign up today.

Choose either a weight loss or a wellness plan. Invest in yourself. Start now. Time is your most limited resource. Be proactive, not reactive. Even at a normal weight, you can empower yourself to achieve and maintain your health and function. I want you to live your life free from limitation, achieve peak fitness and form – and be full of happiness and hope.

Dr. Valerie Sutherland
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine

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