Recovery is part of your exercise plan!  You can not get the benefits of exercie if you do not have the mobility to perform it correctly or you are too sore or have an injury to show up! Especially after the age of 30, for every hour you exercise, you probably need 15-20 mintues of recovery!  Exercise smarter, not harder!  Recovery is integral to a successful fitness program. This improves results, shortens recovery time, allows increased loads and volumes of training, improves mobility and combats the stiffness that ensues a sedentary day. “Sitting is the new Smoking!” Learn techniques you can use in your home or office as well.  In this class, you will be doing self myofascial release (foam-rolling), mobility movements, some yoga and pilates movements, and some physical therapy movements. 

This class is offered:

  • Saturday 9:00 am