FAQ : Services, Testing, and More!

Answering your frequently asked questions
What makes Rainier Medical different than other gyms?

Rainier Medical Health and Fitness is designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your medical health and fitness needs. Clients have access to medical providers to discuss, monitor, and treat a wide variety of medical conditions they might be dealing with. In addition, RMHF is staffed with top notch trainers that include three Masters Degrees and two exercise physiologists amongst the group. At RMHF, we provide a unique training studio where you can workout AND be monitored on what exercises and classes that are safe and productive based on your medical history.

Will insurance cover the cost of some of my sessions?

If you are currently part of the medically supervised weight loss plan and your insurance is covering your weekly coaching sessions, we can just conduct your weekly exercise coaching session in the gym instead of in the clinic and workout while receiving your coaching. If you are new and choose the consultative internal medicine wellness plan, our administrative team will check your insurance benefits and inform you as to what will be covered by insurance and what will be out of pocket responsibility.

What is Myzone and why is it used at the fitness facility?

MyZone is a live heart rate monitoring system that will encourage clients to work out smarter and more efficiently. Whether you're in the gym watching your live feed, or out on the street viewing your tile through the Myzone App, you can rest assured you're earning MEPs and tracking your effort anywhere you go. By logging in to your Myzone account on your computer or through the Myzone App, you'll be able to see minute-by-minute breakdowns of your exercise effort. Track your progress over time to gain more understanding about your workout habits.  With built-in leaderboards, status rankings, and social integration, we've made it easier than ever to show off your progress. Meet World Health Organization standards every month to rank up and pass your friends. By using the MZ-3, you'll have access to relevant effort-based data to help you push your limits, reach new heights,and achieve your peak with us.

If I am out of shape and have some orthopedic issues, can I still do the classes offered?

Yes, of course. We do have some classes that are intended to be more challenging than others, but our class instructors are able to modify, progress, and regress any of the movements in the class so it will be appropriate for all participants. The ultimate goal is to get you stronger and feeling better, and our staff have the knowledge and experience to do that in a safe and appropriate manner.

How much does it cost to take a class?

Rainier MD Health and Fitness offers different plans to fit your fitness needs. Please refer to Plans section of the website for details. Having said that, our bodies and our health should be our number one investment in life, because without a healthy body, we really can’t live the lives we want to live.  Make your health your top priority today and invest in your body now.

How do I sign-up/register to take a class or can I just drop-in?

Registration is easy by signing up here. Choose from one of our Plans that best helps you partner with us to reach your goals. Showing comittment to a plan will empower you.. The Unlimited classes allows you the flexibility to try out classes and get the most out of your budget.

What do I need to bring to a class or a personal training session?

All we ask you to bring is a workout towel, a water bottle, and a positive attitude and we will take care of the rest.

What is the Vo2 Max test that I see offered and why should I do this test?

A VO2max test is an exercise test that will measure your current cardiovascular fitness level to establish a baseline to compare against with future tests as you make health and fitness improvements.  The other major reason to complete this test is because following the test, we will be able to tell you what heart rate ranges you should be working out in based on the goals of your workouts. Instead of using estimations and generalized equations that might not be appropriate for you, we can measure exactly what is happening inside your body physiologically and give you recommendations based on those results.  It makes your workouts much more accurate, efficient, and scientific. Then you will be able to use the MyZone heart rate tracking system to ensure you are staying within your individualized zones.

Do you offer personal training services as well?

Yes, if a group class setting isn’t necessarily your thing, we do offer one-on-one personal training and partner training also.  Again, our fitness staff has experience working with all fitness levels and will be be able to tailor the sessions to your specific needs and limitations.

What equipment is used during classes and personal training?

We use all kinds of different equipment to meet your fitness needs: Battle ropes, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, TRX, a push sled, sandbags, medicine balls, jump ropes, rower, treadmill, Aerodyne bike, and, of course, your own body as tools to get the most out of your workout. 

What is target heart rate training?

Target heart rate training is utilizing heart rate monitoring technology to guide the intensity of your cardiovascular exercise. The benefits can include increased progress and results plus reduced injury and recovery time. At Rainier Medical, we have the state-of-the-art technology to first conduct a VO2 test and determine your personalized target heart rate zones for aerobic and anaerobic training, as well as the zones for carbohydrate versus fat metabolism and an accurate assessment of calories burned during exercise. Your percentage heart rate is displayed within the facility for moment-to-moment feedback to take the guesswork out of your training. Train too intensely, and you risk overtraining or sabotaging weight loss or muscle gain efforts. Intersperse your week with true high intensity intervals with adequate recovery time. 

What is a Low Calorie Diet?

A low calorie diet is a structured nutrition plan for 1-2 lb weight loss per week or weight gain prevention after a significant weight loss. Offered at varying calorie levels from 1100-1600, your calorie needs will be determined by a Resting Metabolic Rate test. This plan includes 2-3 medical foods per day and the rest grocery store food, and is non-ketogenic and non-medically supervised. This differs from our medically supervised plans in that laboratory testing and regular medical monitoring is not required. However, slower weight loss is expected.