Nutrition Counseling

Eat smarter and wiser

Dr. Sutherland and her team work closely with you so you can tackle the best nutrition aligned with your health goals. Rainier Medical combines health care, nutrition, nutritional supplements and exercise into comprehensive health plans. Nutrition Counseling allows a private opportunity to discuss your personal concerns.


Plans, available for all members, are catered to individual goals, including the use of nutritional supplements. Nutrition contributes largely to one’s health, body composition, energy, mood, and inflammation.


Begin with a structured medical intervention for decisive initial weight loss. Follow with a transition and then maintenance plan for lasting results.


• Very Low-Calorie Diet/Protein Sparing Modified Diet

• Modified Low-Calorie Diet

• Meal Replacement Plans

• Comprehensive metabolic assessment and treatment

• Individual exercise counseling based on health
insurance benefits

• Enrollment fee applies. Services billed to insurance.

Very Low-Calorie Diet: Utilizes medical foods as meal replacements, such as shakes and bars; fortified with electrolytes and micronutrients to complete nutrition in 600-800 calories a day. Ideal for people with 30 pounds or more to lose and have undergone medical screening.

Ketogenic Diet: Utilizes a meal plan of grocery store foods to induce nutritional ketosis. Manages micronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat). Often beneficial for Type 2 Diabetes and food cravings. Requires medical screening.

Other Diets: Grocery Store diets are offered including Mediterranean Patterned Diet. Nutritionist visits, food diary, body composition, and metabolic testing required.

Pharmacologic Treatment: Considered for people with a BMI over 30 or for over 27 with an associated medical condition. Used in conjunction with nutrition, behavior,
and exercise guidelines.

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