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Dr. Sutherland and her team are proud to offer a variety of plans and services. Begin with an individualized assessment for a prescriptive plan or select a basic plan and go from there.  Whether you want a comprehensive plan including healthcare, nutrition, exercise, and nutritional supplements, or just a group class option, just get started! We offer a plan for everyone. 

If you are a participant in a medically supervised weight loss plan, your exercise coaching appointments will now be held at Rainier Medical Health & Fitness as it has a medical office embedded within the facility. 

We are also proud to announce a new wellness plan and non-medically supervised weight loss plan. We combine health care, nutrition, nutritional supplements AND exercise into a comprehensive health plan for you.

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Fitness Plans

  • Welcoming variety of training options designed by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Valerie Sutherland, MD
  • Progress from Individual Assessment, to FUNdamentals Class to Building Better Bodies to Strength & Conditioning
  • Specialty classes including Recovery, The Golden Hour, and Wonder Women
  • Train individually, with a Buddy, or in Classes
  • Target heart rate training
  • Add-on to a weight loss or wellness plan, or a la carte
  • $95 enrollment fee includes initial body composition

Fitness Plan options

  • Classes Unlimited: $249 per month (3 month automatic renewal)
  • Two classes per week: $159 per month/Mix-’n-match (3-month automatic renewal)
  • 5 Classes Bundle: $125 

Personal Training options:

  • Personal Training/10 sessions: $700
  • Personal Training/2 times a week: $550
  • Personal Training/3 times a week: $800
  • Buddy Training Monthly/2 times a week: $400 per person

Triathlon Training Program Design

  • Individual training program design by Dr. Doug Sutherland (top 2% nationally IronManTM Athlete)
  • Consists of an onboarding meeting, plan design, and follow up and support
  • Pricing varies
  • Inquire for consultation

Wellness / Weight Loss Plan (NEW!)

  • Comprehensive health assessment with laboratory, radiologic, and fitness testing
  • Personalized health report, progress report, follow-up, and coaching
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Non-medically supervised weight loss plans including Low-Calorie Diet
  • Individual exercise counseling based on insurance benefits
  • Men’s Hormonal Health Assessment and Treatment
  • Diabetes Lifestyle Management (Ketogenic Diet)

$195 enrollment fee. Services billed to health insurance, if applicable.  Policy terms and financial policy apply.  Out of pocket pricing available. May be eligible for FLEX or HSA accounts. 

Diabetes Management Plan

  •   Intensive management including nutrition, behavior, exercise, and medical care
  •   Medical care with Dr. Sutherland including pharmacologic treatment
  •   Nutrition Plans including the ketogenic diet
  •   Continuous glucose monitoring
  •   Must be participating in Fitness Plan with exercise at least 3 days a week at RMHF
  •   Limited slots available
  •   Requires 6 months commitment
  •  Adjunctive care. Must still maintain primary care provider and/or endocrinologist care

$195 enrollment fee. Services billed to health insurance, if applicable.  Policy terms and financial policy apply.  Out of pocket pricing available. May be eligible for FLEX or HSA accounts. 

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plans

  • Very Low-Calorie Diet
  • Modified Low-Calorie Diet
  • Meal Replacement Plans
  • Comprehensive metabolic assessment and treatment
  • Individual exercise counseling based on insurance benefits
  • Offered via Rainier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness.  Learn more at

$195 enrollment fee. Services billed to health insurance. Policy terms and financial policy apply.  Out of pocket pricing available.  May be eligible for FLEX or HSA accounts. 

Medical Services Available on a Wellness or Weight Loss Plan

  • Medical office visits with Dr. Sutherland and her team
  • VO2 Max testing and Resting Metabolic Rate testing
  • Sports Medicine Evaluation & Treatment
  • Fingerstick HA1c and lipid testing
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring

* Prices subject to change without notice until purchase made. 

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Dr. Valerie Sutherland and Dr. Doug Sutherland also specialize in addressing intimate concerns regarding Men's Health and Women's Health. To learn more, watch our videos.

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